Childbirth is one of the great miracles of life and this time should be full of joy and happiness, not fear and pain. More and more midwifes and mothers are recommending hypnosis as a therapy that can make a huge positive difference to childbirth. In fact there is a growing amount of clinical evidence to suggest that the use of hypnosis during labour can radically change the birthing experience.  

This research suggests that hypnobirthing can:

  • Shorten the first stage of labour
  • Significantly reduce and even eliminate pain
  • Result in fewer interventions and surgical births
  • Reduce the need for medication
  • Minimise fear during pregnancy
  • Leave mothers and babies feeling alert and energetic after birth

HypnoBirthing will train you to:

  1. Release fear using methods which allow you to feel relaxed and confident in the birth
  2. Use self-hypnosis so that you can acheive pain relief and deep relaxation when you need it
  3. Visualise your birth to help you feel grounded and positive about the experience
  4. Understand how your mind and body work together efficiently and comfortably

Some of the many benefits of hypnobirthing are that it can:

  • Allow your baby to enter the world calmly and gently, often without the use of drugs
  • Reduce and even eliminate the need for pain relief
  • Help you experience a more natural, calm, comfortable birth
  • Shorten the length of your labour
  • Reduce the impact of childbirth on your body
  • Involve your partner more actively so that they can play an important role in the birth
  • Help you feel more alert and in control

Giving birth should be an empowering and positive experience and hypnobirthing is intended to help you have the most natural childbirth possible, using easily-learned self hypnosis and breathing techniques. Whatever kind of birth you're planning - homebirth, hospital, birthing centre - HypnoBirthing really does help.

If you would like to discuss how hypnosis can help you have a calm and comfortable birth please get in touch for a free initial phone consultation: info@harbourhypnotherapy.co.uk