There are times in our lives when the way we perform really matters. Whether it be for an important test, exam or performance we want to make sure that we do the best we can. All too often the mind gets in the way though, and this is where hypnosis can be very helpful. Many top athletes, musicians and business professionals use hypnotherapy as their secret weapon and more and more people are turning to hypnosis as a way to rise above the competition. The technique can help overcome nerves, increase your chances of performing to your best, and remove that niggling self-doubt that holds many of us back.

Under hypnosis it is possible to work with the subconscious mind, which is the part of our brain that governs the majority of our behaviours and decisions. If the subconscious is convinced that you are going to achieve to your best then it will do everything it can to make that happen. Essentially hypnotherapy can train the mind to expect success so that when it really matters you are able to perform well, automatically. Now this is not to say that you will become so full of yourself that you appear arrogant, it is about boosting that inner confidence and belief that underpins how you behave on the day. Of course, we can tell ourselves consciously that everything will be fine but it is the subconscious part of our brain that needs to know this. When we consciously try to do well, nerves become involved and these all too often tend to get in the way.  Hypnotherapy can make radical changes to the way we perform and here some of the many applications of this simple therapy:

  • Public speaking
  • Confidence at work
  • Driving test nerves
  • Exam nerves
  • Musical & theatrical performance
  • Wedding nerves
  • Sporting performance

People from all walks of life use hypnosis to reach their potential from olympic athletes to airline pilots, students to business leaders. If you would like to discuss how hypnosis can help you improve your performance please get in touch for a free initial phone consultation:


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Alternatively, try a download from our sister site HypnosisHelps. HypnosisHelps is a professional hypnosis downloads site and Kate is the voice of each recorded hypnosis session. 

Overcoming exam nerves: This download was created by Kate to help you feel less nervous during exams. It is much more affordable than face-to-face therapy and the results are good.


Pass your driving test!: This download was created by Kate to help you pass your test. It is much more affordable than face-to-face therapy and the results are good.