5 hypnosis tricks to help you sleep like a baby

People often come to me with sleep problems or insomnia after they have tried many other things such as herbal or prescription remedies. Hypnosis works in a different way and today I thought I’d share with you a few hypnosis tips that work really well for my clients. 


Hypnosis works by calming the body and mind with soothing voice and music. Children fall asleep with bed-time stories, so why shouldn’t adults? Breathing and heart rate slow during relaxation hypnosis and prepare the body for a better quality of sleep.


Hypnosis can help you relax the mind and drift into your imagination through visualisation techniques. Guided visualisations under hypnosis can help you feel as though you are relaxing on a tropical beach or resting by a tranquil lake. It helps you experience these places as though you were there and prepares the mind for deep and refreshing sleep. 




Hypnotic techniques can help you reduce feelings of anxiety. Nagging worries that keep you awake can be released during hypnosis. Often metaphor is used in hypnosis so you can imagine your worries are like pebbles that you throw into the sea or dark balloons that you release into the air. The feeling of release can help you sleep deeper without nagging worries keeping you awake or disturbing your sleep.


During sleep hypnosis the hypnotherapist will usually help you visualise yourself walking down some steps as they count down from 10-1. This process of counting down is called “deepening” and can help enhance the hypnotic state and promote deep sleep.


By listening to hypnosis every night you can help establish a regular sleep routine. Most people find they fall asleep during the hypnosis and by repeating this every night the mind starts to establish better sleep pattern.