Find a hypnotherapist

If you're looking for a professional hypnotherapist near you here are a number of tips as to what you should be looking for:


Are they accredited?

A professional hypnotherapist will adhere to a strict code of ethics, high standards and continuing professional development. Accrediting organisations can be found on this page of the hypnotherapy directory.


How do I find a certified hypnotherapist near me?

A good place to look for an accredited therapist is The Hypnotherapy Directory. You can enter your postcode and it will suggest a number of local accredited therapists.


How do I find a hypnosis clinic near me?

Most hypnotherapists work from either a clinic location (such as a doctors surgery, osteopathy clinic or wellbeing centre) or from home. If you haven't met the therapist before and are a little uneasy it is advisable that you chose a therapist that works from a reputable clinic. 


Do they make realistic claims?

Take a look at what they are saying on their website. Does it sound reasonable? Avoid therapists that talk too much about their amazing talents as it is not advisable to chose a therapist with an ego! A good therapist will discuss their approach and techniques and sound passionate about their work.


Do they have any reviews?

Take a look at google reviews for their business. These will be independent reviews and can give a good indication of what their clients think. 


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