Hypnosis probably isn’t the first option you’d think of when it comes to managing your weight. But unlike many of the fad diets and slimming programs out there, Hypnosis can help you lose more weight and keep it off for longer*.

There are an increasing number of scientific studies demonstrating how hypnotherapy can help change negative eating habits into healthy new eating habits (see references below).

Essentially hypnosis re-programs the subconscious mind to replace bad habits with good ones. Because our subconscious behaviour is automatic, it overrides conscious thought and is therefore much more effective that crash diets. How many times have you resolved to eat more healthily only to cave in at the first chocolate bar a few days later? By changing your subconscious programming Hypnotherapy can help you make realistic and sustainable change based on your lifestyle and weight loss goal*.

Here are a few of the basic concepts that weight loss hypnosis is based on:


1)      You’ve got to accentuate the positive

Hypnotherapy isn’t about what you can’t do it’s about what you can do. It isn’t about depriving yourself of all those things you like. It is about learning new, healthy habits and enjoying life!

2)      You have all the resources you need

For long-term change you need to change your perspective from within. The diet food manufacturers make empty promises that their product can help you permanently lose weight, but the reality is that real change can only come from you.

3)      Imagine your success

One of the cornerstones of Hypnosis is the idea that if you really believe change can happen, it will. Hypnotherapy uses positive visualisations to get you to imagine yourself actually realising your goals. The subconscious mind is so powerful that if it has visualised success it will do everything it can to make it happen!

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I’m really surprised at how quickly the weight came off. Looking back I wish I’d tried hypnosis sooner!
Hypnotherapy can be a powerful and effective way to overcome weight issues. 

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful and effective way to overcome weight issues. 


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