Our relationships with others can bring a great deal of happiness and meaning to our lives. However they can also cause difficulties and unhappiness if they go wrong. Everyone will experience relationship problems at some point during their life. Regardless of whether these are with a family member, colleague, friend or lover, they will all impact on our well being. 

If relationship issues are ignored they can tend to build up over time, and because we all react differently it can be hard to know where to start with some problems and how to resolve them. Lack of communication is often behind many problems and not being able to express feelings may create a great deal of pressure and stress.

When experiencing relationship problems other aspects of our lives may be affected too. Most people are much more likely to feel fulfilled if they are content in their relationships with those around them. Some of the issues people may face are:

  • Facing divorce or separation
  • Feeling picked on at work
  • Feeling unsure about how to meet the right partner
  • Feeling insecure
  • Difficult relationships with parents
  • Difficult relationships with children 
  • Feeling trapped in a relationship
  • Feeling undervalued 
  • Feeling confused about whether or not to stay in a relationship
  • Trying to deal with a partners infidelity
  • Feeling frustrated by an unsatisfying physical relationship
  • Wanting to improve their current relationship
  • Working on communication skills
  • Wanting to increase the romance in a relationship
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There are many reasons why our relationships may not be working as well as we would like, but with a little work they can get back on track. It often takes time, effort and compromise, but if this ultimately helps us feel happier and more fulfilled it is worth it!

Hypnotherapy can help build the confidence needed to address relationship issues and give us a fresh new perspective. Under hypnosis we can view our problems from a different angle and find solutions that we didn't even know existed. By connecting with our innermost feelings we can understand what is important to us and recognise the things we can do to live a happier and more content life.*

It is also possible to go over past problems under hypnosis and change the impact of these experiences on our present life. Traumatic memories or upsetting things that happened in the past can prevent us from getting on and enjoying our lives now. Hypnotherapy can help us move on from those memories that are holding us back so that we can enjoy the here and now.*

Ultimately good relationships begin with us feeling happy and content in ourselves. Hypnotherapy is a great way to achieve this and is a fast and effective way to change our relationships with others.*

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I feel so much happier our relationship. I am more confident and feel so much more secure.*
— A.K. (Rowlands Castle)