Latest testimonials

I went into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, sat down on the loo, was half way through when I looked up and spotted a HUGE spider that had been hiding behind the door! My heart didn’t race and I was able to finish what I was doing, calmly unlock the door (with the spider about 2 feet from me) and get out of the room. That’s a massive improvement. I was so proud of myself and of what you have done to help! THANK YOU!!!
— P.C. (Chichester)
Hi Kate I wanted to say a really heartfelt thanks to you. I am currently sat, relaxed on holiday having had a great flight. I never thought that a flight would be boring! I am so grateful for what you have done for me (as is my wife!!).
— G.T. (Selsey)
The hypnotherapy has actually changed my life. Thank you so much! I am no longer anxious and I feel so much more confident in everything I do.
— S.C. (Chichester)

I highly recommend Kate. She is kind, caring, professional and skilled at what she does. I’ve benefitted from her care since being diagnosed with cancer. Kate has taught me coping skills and is helping me to reduce my fear of death.

Kate is a wonderful therapist, she is insightful, skilled and makes you feel totally at ease. Would highly recommend.

Really insightful and professional. I have suffered for years from sleep issues that I’ve been unable to resolve through the usual avenues (talk therapy, meds through gp etc). One session with Kate and I’m a changed person.

I have been trying for years to stop smoking. 2 sessions with Kate and I know I will never touch another cigarette again!

I have been afraid of heights since I was a child. The hypnotherapy has really helped - way more than I expected. Last week I did my first abseil and I think it will be the first of many!

After years of depression I can finally see a way forward.

I couldn’t stop eating chocolate before I came to see Kate. She helped me deal with the reasons why I was binge eating. Now I’m losing weight and feel so much happier in myself.
— W.V. (Southsea)