Beat Social Phobia

Beat Social Phobia


Social phobia can be extremely isolating and frustrating for those that experience it. Socialising should be one of life's great pleasures but for some it provokes extreme fear and anxiety ...

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If social phobia is affecting your life then you have probably experienced feelings of anxiety, fear and panic in many different situations. For some even the thought of answering the phone can be too much whereas for others the prospect of any face-to-face social situation feels unbearable.

Often with social phobia the feelings of anxiety are so unpleasant that it becomes preferable to avoid certain situations. Whilst this may at first seem like a solution unfortunately it can actually make the phobia worse. For many the condition can be incredibly isolating and despite wanting to change many people don't know where to start.

The good news is you are on the right track. The fear that you experience with social phobia is created by your unconscious mind. It is an automatic response to situations which your mind believes are threatening. Your unconscious activates your “fight or flight” response which causes a surge of adrenaline. If you experience a racing heart, sweaty palms and blushing, then now you know why! Even though you will know consciously that social situations are not dangerous your unconscious mind doesn't! That's why no amount of willing yourself to get over this phobia will work. 

Hypnosis works directly with the unconscious mind to change the beliefs that are responsible for your fear. It safely and gently changes the association between social situations and anxiety. Instead of panic you will feel a growing sense of calm. You are in control the whole time so that you can make changes at a pace that is right for you. Listen regularly and discover what it's like to socialise with ease.

Download Beat social phobia today and notice how good it feels to conquer your fear for good!