Freedom from claustrophobia

Freedom from claustrophobia


Do you feel anxious in confined spaces? Do you feel trapped and unable to escape? If so the likelihood is you are experiencing claustrophobia...

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It is thought as much as 10% of the population has been affected by Claustrophobia and symptoms include anxiety and panic attacks together with a fear of losing control. Typical situations that can trigger claustrophobia are:  

  • lifts
  • tunnels
  • trains
  • planes
  • revolving doors
  • public toilets
  • changing rooms in shops
  • cars with central locking
  • car washes
  • hotel rooms with sealed windows

Hypnosis can help you overcome claustrophobia in a calm relaxing environment where you feel in control. Unlike other therapies which may encourage you to force yourself to experience uncomfortable situations hypnosis is all about making changes at your own pace.

It works particularly well for claustrophobia because the fear you experience is generated by your unconscious mind. Hypnosis re-trains your unconscious in a safe and relaxing way so that you can feel comfortable and at ease in enclosed spaces.

Download Freedom from claustrophobia today and take your first step towards an anxiety free future.