Relief from Chronic Pain

Relief from Chronic Pain


Hypnosis has long been recognised as an effective way to manage pain. This download will help you reduce the level of pain you experience so you can feel more relaxed and in control …

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Historically hypnosis was used to alleviate pain in surgery and despite being replaced by modern anaesthetics it is now becoming popular again as a drug-free alternative. It works by changing the way the brain interprets pain signals and can be used to “turn down” or even “switch off” chronic pain.

This download uses a combination of pain relief hypnosis and hypnotic suggestions to help you take control of your condition and experience less pain. The recording has been designed to help you sleep more deeply and enable you to release any fears or worries. 

Download Relief from chronic pain today and notice how you can regain control and find freedom from pain.

Length: 38 minutes