This recording is for when you know that you need to increase your exercise but you're lacking that get up and go!...

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We all know what we should be doing but there are times when it feels too much like hard work! If you know that you need to increase your exercise but lack the drive then this recording will help give you the kickstart you need.

It works because when we are in a deeply relaxed hypnotic state our mind becomes much more open to positive suggestion. Under hypnosis we can suggest to our unconscious mind that more exercise will be beneficial for our well-being. Of course we already know that more exercise is a good thing but the important bit is that our deeper unconscious mind knows it too! The unconscious is the part of our mind that controls many of our behaviours and choices. If the unconscious motivation is strong then the decision to exercise becomes automatic.

The hypnosis uses tried and tested techniques to help you visualise what your new fitter self would look like. It works on the principle that “what the mind expects it will achieve”. When we visualise the end result under hypnosis the mind does everything it can to help you get there. See yourself looking fit and healthy, exercising and feeling great and before long you will find yourself doing just that! It sounds like magic but this technique (known as future pacing) is incredibly effective.