Overcome Caffeine Addiction

Overcome Caffeine Addiction


Does your day revolve around when you will have your next caffeine hit? This download will help you replace your addiction to caffeine with healthier new options...

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Much as caffeine can give us a kick start when needed it can also deplete our long term energy reserves and leave us with a racing heart and the shakes. If you would like to reduce your dependency on caffeinated drinks this recording is for you. The hypnosis session focuses on helping you establish healthier more sustainable drinking habits that benefit your long term heath and well-being.

It works because by nature habits and addictions are automatic or unconsciously driven. By changing the unconscious programming hypnosis can help you override the automatic urge to drink caffeine. Hypnosis can be much more effective than will-power alone because it works directly with the part of your mind that controls the cravings.