20 Minute Power Nap

20 Minute Power Nap


If you find that your energy drops later in the day what you need is a power nap! It is already well known that a short daytime snooze can have many health benefits and this download will help you get there fast ...

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Whilst many people know that a short nap is a good thing, few are able to completely switch off and get that golden 20 minutes of shut-eye that can be so beneficial. 20 is the magic number because it gives you just the right amount of sleep to revive you. Studies suggest that if you sleep any longer you will most likely reach a deeper phase of sleep and take longer to feel alert again.

This download uses sleep hypnosis to help you drift off to sleep fast. It has been designed to enhance the quality of your nap and boost your level of alertness when you wake. 

Try our 20 minute power nap today and notice the difference it can make!

Length: 20 minutes